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Media Assets

Brochure. Project Ô overview. Download bifold version / Download trifold version

Poster. Project Ô overview. Download

Poster. Italy demosite overview. Download

Poster. Israel demosite overview. Download

Poster. Spain demosite overview. Download

Poster. Croatia demosite overview. Download

Poster. Policy narratives of circular economy in the EU: Assessing the embeddedness of water and land in national action plans. Download

Poster. Policy and planning settings for the transition to water circular economy: Barriers and drivers in place. Download

Poster. Institutional arrangements of water reuse: New challenges for the transition to a water circular economy. Download

Illustrations. Full set of Project Ô illustrations. Download

Video. Environmental Life Cycle Assessment. Watch

Video. Life Cycle Costing. Watch

Video. Social Life Cycle Assessment. Watch

Video. Key propositions to develop and strengthen the governance of a circular water economy. Watch

Video. Propuestas para desarrollar y fortalecer una gobernanza de la economía circular del agua. Watch

Video. ADV.ERT Module (Short version). Watch

Video. ADV.ERT Module (Short version – Italian). Watch

Video. ADV.ERT Module (Detailed version). Watch

Video. MOBILE3TECH Module (Short version). Watch

Video. MOBILE3TECH Module (Short version – Spanish). Watch

Video. MOBILE3TECH Module (Detailed version). Watch

Video. PHOTO.CAT Unit (Short version). Watch

Video. PHOTO.CAT Unit (Detailed version). Watch

Video. SALTECH Module (Short version). Watch

Video. SALTECH Module (Detailed version). Watch

Video. Impact planning using logic models and theory of change – Webinar. Watch

Video. How to make a difference in science policy with your research – Webinar. Watch


Spring 2022 Issue. View

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Project Deliverables and Reports

D3.1 Policy review: Assessing the inclusion of water and territory in national action plans. Download report

D3.2 Policy design for the transition to circular economy: Barriers and drivers in place. Download report

D7.1 Selection toolbox design and development strategy: Description of selection toolbox functionalities. Download report

D7.3 Description and details of the Users Collaborative Platform. Download report

D7.4 User Collaborative Platform. Download report

D7.5 Study of the current linear water economic model: Identification of weaknesses and opportunities in the water value chain. Download report

D7.6 Creation of a circular economy framework for water treatment with the inclusion of energy and materials. Download report

D8.2 Project Communication Report. Download report

D8.5 Project Website. Download report


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