Removing toxic pollutants from used industrial water to protect water treatment plants, increase water reuse and meet new regulations


The specialist substances used in industrial processes have the ability to damage water treatment plants

Standard water treatment processing relies on bacteria to break down any organic matter in the used water

If the used water contains toxic substances they will denature the bacteria so it can no longer work. This can be more dangerous when spills occur, as they can damage the water treatment plant. This could lead to the untreated toxic used water being returned to the natural environment.

Project Ô has developed MOBILE3TECH module to treat the toxic used water produced by industry

MOBILE3TECH module is a cost-effective and mobile solution

It contains an advanced control unit, which can assess the toxicity of used water before it is sent to a water treatment plant. This will determine if pre-treatment is needed with MOBILE3TECH module and therefore ensure that only required treatments are carried out.


MOBILE3TECH module is a mobile plant integrating three technologies to treat water used in industry

It helps protect water treatment plants by pre-treating used industrial water to remove damaging pollutants

MOBILE3TECH module benefits include:

  • Breaking down toxic organic pollutants and finer treatment of used water
  • Increasing water reuse across the EU
  • Local reuse of treated water
  • Aiding compliance with micropollutant and pharmaceutical regulations
  • Saving energy and money by only applying needed treatments
  • Protecting water treatment plants from damage by removing toxic contaminants

MOBILE3TECH module was first installed in Almendralejo, Spain, to support water treatment in the case of accidental industrial spills

Almendralejo is home to several food-based industries

They can produce toxic used water with the potential to damage the biological treatment stage of a water treatment plant. MOBILE3TECH module connects directly to the equalisation tank so that accidental spills can be detected in a timely manner and treated properly.