Project Ô brings together a wide range of expertise from multiple disciplines

Water treatment technology

These providers bring expertise and technical devices that can be combined and developed into our innovative technology modules

Sustainability & circular economy

Specialists who can address the economic, environmental and social impacts to ensure Project Ô technologies are effective and support the circular water economy

Water regulation and planning aspects

These specialists bring expertise of spatial and territory-based resource planning, vital for a globally shared resource like water. They’ll also assess the impact on the water system

Communication and stakeholder management

Specialists who can engage with the users at all levels to ensure developments meet their needs, and to widely communicate about Project Ô and the benefits of a circular water economy

Installation locations

These providers support the new technologies being installed at each location

Local coordination

These specialists proactively help Project Ô work with authorities in Croatia to support the replication of Project technologies at more sites


These experts support Project Ô to take advantage of technical standardisation opportunities at all levels of development