Project Ô is working to promote sustainable development

Sustainable Development

There is a greater than 95% probability that current rapid climate change is the result of human activities since the 1950s

Technological development has improved life for many, but the impact on our planet has been very high. Scientific evidence confirms the damage we are inflicting. Now is the time to alter our habits. Together, we can use research and technological advancement to work with the environment for a future that benefits all.


In 2015, seventeen Sustainable Development Goals were announced by the United Nations, and 193 countries across the world pledged to act

The Sustainable Development Goals provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. Eliminating poverty and inequality, preventing biodiversity loss and providing all with clean water are some of the issues being tackled. These goals are designed to align global actions to benefit us all.

Project Ô is contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

Working Together

Project Ô is part of the ICT4Water group

This group is a hub for European Union-funded research and innovation projects developing digital innovations for the water sector

We share the common goal of using technology to increase the efficiency of water use, to improve water quality and increase the quantity of water reuse.

Water availability is a global issue that cannot be solved alone. This group facilitates information exchanges and best practice between projects, helps share results and findings, and uses group expertise to develop digital water strategies and standards.

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