Project Ô technologies installed at the demosite in Italy

Project Ô’s water filtration technologies have been installed at the Cozza Guardati well in Lecce, in southern Italy’s Puglia Region. 

Groundwater resources, like aquifers, are an important source of freshwater. Such groundwater supplies over 200 wells in southern Italy and have helped to sustain the Puglia region for years.

Over time, though, these wells have become contaminated with seawater and harmful bacteria. In addition, these wells are located too far away to rely on existing water treatment plants.

Project Ô technologies remove harmful bacteria and excess salt from the water. It also reduces potential harmful levels of pesticides and pharmaceuticals that could be present in the water, making it clean and safe for essential human needs such as drinking and farming.

An added benefit of this technology is that it can be moved around and installed easily in remote areas that are far from existing water treatment plants. 

Watch this video about the aquifers in Italy’s Puglia region

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