International School on Water Reuse 2022 hosted in Italy

The first International School on Water Reuse took place from 19 to 21 September 2022 at the Chemistry Department of the Torino University in Italy in collaboration with the Butterfly Area. The School was organised as part of Project Ô, and was hosted for those interested in water sustainability (including researchers, businesses, policymakers, etc). Several Project Ô partners took part in the school, as participants and speakers, sharing their experiences and resources from the project.

Image: International School on Water Reuse 2022 | Chemistry Department, University of Torino

Topics discussed included: 

  • Climate change and water scarcity: from present to future troubles
  • Wastewater reuse in Europe and water reuse guidelines at European level
  • Water reuse: drivers and barriers at policy, planning and governance levels
  • Technologies for water treatment and reuse: state of the art and challenges
  • Introduction to AOPs, Basic concepts on Reactive Species 
  • State of the art and challenges for the scale-up of AOPs up to the industrial level: Fenton processes and heterogeneous photocatalysis
  • Solar-based advanced oxidation processes: the long experience at the PSA
  • Membrane and reactive membranes: introduction and engineering aspects
  • State of the art in the application of heterogeneous photocatalysis, photoFenton and H2O2/ UV processes in disinfection: limits and perspectives
  • Analytical control: from laboratory to water treatment plants
  • Application of narrative methodologies for awareness raising and education on water reuse issues
  • Public involvement to raise spread awareness and social acceptance of innovative solutions
  • Conceptualising a social acceptance challenge and seeing how it could be assessed empirically: the Project Ô experience
  • The role of Water Footprint Metrics in water use management
  • The role of standardisation in the water reuse; a brand new toolkit

Participants also visited local water utility ACEA Pinerolese S.P.A in Pinerolo. 

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