Project Ô shows how local, targeted water treatment technologies can help improve global water management, allowing current and future generations to benefit from this shared resource

The UN forecast that by 2030, the world could face a deficit in water supply. Improving water management is a vital step towards creating a more reliable water supply.

Project Ô develops water management and treatment technologies. They work in harmony with current systems and improve technical and economic success. The combination of innovative treatment technologies with two digital platforms will improve water management for communities in Europe and beyond.

  • Increasing the opportunity to reuse water
  • Creating new business opportunities to trade water and resources
  • Using less operating energy when treating water

Project Ô solutions are


Water regulators and facility managers can choose the technologies to match their needs


SMEs can manage their own water footprint, while larger companies can complement their existing processes


By treating individual used water streams, reusing water and only applying needed treatments


Taking an holistic approach to ensure social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability

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